Yes, we are all actually living through this!

I hope, and pray that when you all read this, you are keeping your spirits up, and have all necessities, even some luxuries 🙏🏼

I was thinking to myself, over, and over for the past few days: “Are we really living through this”?, “Wow, this is really happening”.

Corona Virus (Covid -19) is affecting every part of the world. This is a fact we are all facing.

The attitude I have adopted, is to pull up my sleeves and show some muscle 💪🏼.

First and foremost, I know that God is with me. 🙏🏼

Dear God, Thank you for your blessings up to this day, we come before you to ask for the continued strength of a Warrior, the patience of a Saint, and the endurance of an Athlete.

We put all our trust in you, thank you In Jesus name Amen 🙏🏼

10 thoughts on “Yes, we are all actually living through this!

  1. What an opportunity this situation gives us!
    Hopefully it will be used wisely.

    So much more time to seek the Lord for ourselves instead of relying too much on others to define what we should believe. Many now have more opportunities to read scripture and pray.

    I choose to see the time of isolation as a gift, allowing us to get back to the basics to make sure the foundation of our faith is sound.

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