In need of Therapy 🙏🏼

When I look at this video above, I think back to when I was an adolescent.

My Mother had a nice, large sized fish tank in our living room. She bought small goldfish, and nurtured them to grow up to be large and beautiful.

She always said it was “Relaxing” to sit and watch them swim, along with the plants, rocks, and other fixtures she designed as the creatures new underwater home away from home.

I would often sit there and watch after school and indeed feel “Relaxed”.

I realized this was Therapy.

Mothers are amazing! 😊

Dear God, Thank you for creating such marvelous wonders, and creatures on this Earth. We ask that you allow us to continue to partake in all of it. Please give us therapy, and healing in all areas of our lives. Thank you, in Jesus name Amen 🙏🏼.

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